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School Lunch for your students Tuesday thru Friday!


New fun is happening in the kitchen... If your student eats all the lunch they are served, then their name is placed on Chef Sharon's Peas & Carrots Board with a sticker.  End of the month, the student with the most stickers will receive a small prize.  All ages/grades  buying hot food is able to participate.  Please Remember to place your order by Friday midnight!   

About Us

About Chef Sharon


Even in college Sharon loved to cook her own meals at home.  In 2008, she entered The Art Institute of SLC to become a trained Chef.  Her experience ranges from Grand America, Whole Foods, Harmons and 3 years in meal prep for athletes and every walk of life.  Chef Sharon loves to serve food that makes her clients smile!  Most of her meals are made from scratch, including making her own spice blends to season her proteins.  She believes everyone should be able to eat healthy, great tasting food whether your an adult or a  child.    Cooking is her passion! 

What we provide


Fresh, healthy meal choices made in-house and served to your children.  Lean ground beef, turkey, chicken & eggs selected.  Along with fresh veggies, fruit and a starch that compliments the entree.  No fried food or heavily processed meals.  She understands clean eating, dietary restrictions,  and food allergies.  In 2010, she was diagnosed with a high gluten intolerance and has been lactose free most of her life.  Gluten free options provided upon request when ordering.  Peanut, Tree- Free Kitchen guaranteed. 

Lunchroom Standards


Meals will be portioned out according to age group.  2 to 4 oz. of protein, 1/2 cup starch/rice/potatoes/roll, 1/2 cup to 1 cup of veggies and fresh fruit options.  Milk provided daily with a special treat of chocolate milk on Friday.  No high sugar drinks or juices will be provided.  $3.85 small portions available for Little Blessings, PreK and K only.  Lunches for 1st -8th Grade is available at $5.15.  If your children has a growing appetite, a $1.25 extra protein portion is available.  Staff is more than welcome to purchase lunches too at the $5.15 meal plan.  Orders are due Friday before the next week.  

Printable Menus for the home

Print this menu to review with your student!  Post in your kitchen for referral! 

Nov 2019 Menu BSCS Lunch (docx)


Dec 2019 Menu BSCS Lunch (docx)


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